Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
Page 6 (Dedicated to Rick Gendreau)

Tom Griepenburg, Marc Levy and Laura Magee pose the question to everyone who was at the hotel "Does anyone know where Rick Gendreau is?"



We finally found our missing member Rick Gendreau.  He got separated from the pack and was lost.  After getting directions from some locals he showed up 30 minutes after the rest of the group arrived.
Hats off to Rick for driving his car to the event from New Hampshire.  Many of you may have seen this twine engine Delorean at the Memphis 2002 show.
Rick has the front engine up and running and the car is a sight to see.  With little storage space, his passenger seat contained a spare tire and  his luggage.  The car only has a 5 gallon gas tank so Rick has to stop every 80 miles to refuel during his trips!
NH to NJ, 5 gallon tank, twine engine car, no cell phone, got lost, and still had a smile on his face.  Rick deserves this page dedicated to him.  ;)

Rick Gendreau shows his twin engine car to Mike Paine and David Dellman


Rick's car currently has one working engine of two installed.  The front has a Honda Prelude motor currently powering the car.

The rear of the car has a Cadillac engine that is currently not hooked up.


With twine engines, the car not only lacks room for a spare tire or luggage, but also only contains a 5 gallon gas tank!  Rick has to fuel up every 80 miles he drives!

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