Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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Dinner Time!  This table was already done and had leftovers boxed up.



The restaurant had a great atmosphere and was very casual and relaxing

Tiffany Olejnik and Aaron Crocco take some time out after dinner to hit an arcade on the boardwalk  and play some video games


After dinner, we all went back to the hotel and over to Mike and Lori Deluca's place to hang out and have some drinks.  The family room in the house proved to be large enough for all of us to squeeze into comfortably.  We didn't snack much since food was pretty much the last thing on our minds at this point.
Funny enough, Discovery channel just happened to be airing the episode of Monster Garage with the Delorean/Hovercraft.  Many members had not seen it yet, so it was a good chance to check it out.  It wasn't long before Cheryl Abato noticed an uncanny resemblance between a person and the show and Rick Gendreau.  To some people's surprise, it WAS Rick.  It was really interesting to watch the show and get first hand info from Rick on what happened and his feelings on the show.  Surprisingly enough he had no hard feelings and was able to tell us a lot about the show.

There is just something about the way light reflects off of stainless steel at night that make is look cool.


Shhhh....It's sleeping.

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