Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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Up and at em!  The next morning after breakfast we got ready to go onto the boardwalk and strut our stuff



Brett Bonte's girlfriend Mary was ready to get the show on the road...err...boardwalk..

The North Wildwood Police Department met us at 12:15 to open the ramp up onto the boardwalk


A Local Police officer directs us to our final location

Breakfast, checkout and then a little roll onto the boardwalk.  We were not too sure how many people we would see here during the off season, but once we arrived on the boardwalk were were crowded with on lookers who had tons of questions and wanted to see our cars.
One thing that every attendee agreed on was the fact that we definitely generated a ton of positive publicity for the cars.  We spoke to anyone who asked about them, and answered every question.
There were even articles about us in several newspapers loaded with facts and details about the car and our club.


Time to get set up and looking nice for everyone

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