Ahhh...where to start!!?  The Fall Foliage tour is always a great event for the Mid-Atlantic club, and this year's event was tailored not only show what a great event it is, but make it the best tour to date.
The officers decided to offer a turn of events for this years tour and set up several meeting points on the tour route during the course of day one.  Attendees has their choice of four different meeting locations and times for meeting up with the main group.   It seems that giving people options worked out well and was a good formula that we will use again soon.
Tour meeting option #1 - The annual homecoming parade at Montclair State College in New Jersey.


Early Saturday morning, Tiffany Olejnik has cleaned her car and is ready to get rolling on the tour

The SGA of Montclair State College poses with cars from the DMA who attended the "1980's" theme parade
  We know what your thinking.  "Wait...this is a Fall Tour in New York!".  And yes...your right.
As part of an interesting turn of events, the Student Government Association of the college tracked down the DMA officers and asked if any cars would like to participate in their home coming parade which had a "1980's" theme to it.
The parade happened to be on the same morning as the first day of the fall tour.  Since several members were heading in that general direction on the way to New York, we saw it as another meeting point for drivers to get together and a chance to show our cars.


Some students wanted to own Deloreans of their own, so what better way then to wrap your truck in.... Tin Foil?
Almost like a real time machine!  These lovely ladies were decked out in 80's fashion style!   (What were we thinking back then!?)
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