Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour V
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Taking part in a road rally is a team effort.  The driver and the navigator have to work well together in order to ensure that nothing is missed along the way.
This rally was more then just on the road.  Participants were forced to exit their cars in search of some crazy clues, and measure or replicate some interesting items along the way.   Most items were worth a 1-2 points for the overall total while stranger and more difficult tasks were worth much more.
How many 2 foot wide (or wider) boulders can YOU count on the side of a 1 mile long road?  Trust us...there were a lot!



The driving tour brought us by Long Island Sound

Both the rally and road tour really gave us a chance to see what a beautiful town Glen Cove, NY really is.  It is filled with several museums, parks, beautiful houses, and great scenery.  Hey...after all, this is a FALL FOLIAGE tour!
Participants of the driving tour were even fortunate enough to stop by Long Island Sound and gaze across the water to the Connecticut side and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery.  While we were there enjoying the view several other Deloreans came by, parked, and ran to the end of the long pier nearby with their road rally toolkits in hand....looking for clues!


Lauren Reilly and Marc Levy decided to team up for the road rally since the task is to difficult to do alone

See...we promised some Foliage scenery on this tour!
And it's in Long Island....Who woulda thought!?


Starfish?  Cingular Cell phone Logo?  No...that's Matt McMullan posing on the sand at Long Island Sound

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