Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour V
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No official Lotus owners attended the event, but this owner happened to see us doing our tour, "banged a U turn" and tagged along to say "Hi" when we stopped



Scott and Carol McMullan arrive at the "Walls Warf" restaurant after a long afternoon of driving.  Glad to eat, but sad the weekend is almost over.

The road tour and road rally both concluded at the same location.  Walls Warf restaurant in Bayville, NY.  This great location also right on the water of Long Island Sound was to be our final destination of the weekend.  Strangely enough we managed to pick up a Lotus during the driving tour who followed us to Bayville.  The owner saw Deloreans driving by, "Banged a U turn" and tracked us down just to chat it up a little and get some info on the club.
Once inside the restaurant, Mike Deluca went over the answers to the road rally.  The winners of the rally were Kevin and Cheryl Abato. 


Mike Deluca goes over the road rally answers

Participants of the rally swapped and graded their opponents answer sheets


Kevin and Cheryl dropped out of the official rally early on sighting "Marital Differences of Opinion" as a challenge.  That being said, they were the only ones who answered the counting boulders question correctly.  "78".   They were rewarded with two P.J. Grady shirts and a lot of grief from everyone who stuck it out.
We all sat down to yet another great meal and everyone agreed they had an excellent weekend.  We all said our goodbyes and got on the road home late Sunday evening with fond memories with friends.
Hope to see you all next year at the Fall Tour VI!!!!

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