Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour V
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Jacub Hudnut (Left) presents Kevin Abato with a kind donation from the SGA to the DMA



The parade was all set to kick off around noon.  Little by little more Deloreans showed up, and the college kids went CRAZY!  They loved every minute of us being there and could not get enough of the cars.
The SGA was even nice enough to make a generous donation to the club for coming to the parade!  (Thanks to everyone at the Montclair state SGA, we really appreciate it!)
Soon the official parade was to start, we lined up our cars and took off.  Through the campus, onto town streets, and finally through the streets with a HUGE crowd!  It was a real blast for all the members who attended.

Ready to start the parade route,  the DMA was right behind the homecoming King and Queen!




On the other side of two little puddles that we like to call "The Hudson River" and "Long Island Sound" there was a whole different set of events was starting to develop.  DMA members were starting to assemble at the first meeting spot in New York.
The Sands Point Preserve and Museum was the first meeting point on the itinerary for the early bird NY bound members.  This location provided some great pictures of the cars in a setting unlike anything else the club has seen.  Huge castle like walls proved to be a stunning backdrop for a photo shoot.


Like knights in shining armor!  (Except knights never looked this good!)

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