Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour V
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The Harrison Center is one of the "Gold Coast Mansions" in New York.  It was a beautiful place to spend the evening and offered tons of activities.  An indoor pool, bowling alley, pub, pool tables, racquet ball court, and much more.
Everyone started to explore this wonderful place in their own way.  Some people found the pub and lounge to be very relaxing, while others choose to knock down a few pins in the bowling alley.
It wasn't long before we were off again for the next stop on the itinerary....a nice Italian dinner in the downtown part of Glen Cove!



Cheryl Abato shows off her stylin' bowling shoes

Lauren Reilly and Gary Maise square off in a game of billiards.


Marra's Italian restaurant was the choice for our Saturday night dinner, and the township of Glen Cove was ready to welcome the DMA in grand fashion.  Parking on the main street was restricted to just Delorean owners!  What a site to see!  Up and down the main stretch of downtown lined with our cars!!
Dinner was delicious and managed to pack us all full.  The pasta dishes served were overflowing with tasty treats for everyone to enjoy.   Hats off to the staff at the restaurant for great service and awesome food.
Hey...anyone have room for Ice Cream?

Rob and Debbie Grady (Left) enjoy a dinner with Gary Gore and his fiancÚ Jennifer

(Starting left) Jon Brodi, David and Susan Teitelbaum, David Delman, Janice and Gary Masie.

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