Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour V
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Rick Gendreau and Girlfriend Megan, Michael and Charlotte Brolly, Chris and Ken Koncelik



Justin Reaves, Meredith Gabrielle, Aaron Crocco, Tiffany Olejnik, Ryan Brandys, Mike and Lori Deluca, Hank Eskin

Lauren Reilly, Marc Levy, Kevin and Cheryl Abato, Carol Scott, Tim, and Matt McMullan


After dinner, a few members actually had some room left in them for a little after dinner ice cream action.  They simply walked across the road to the "Stone Cold Creamery" for some old fashion fun.
Everyone else was mesmerized by Marc Levy's newest addition to his car......Glowing Delorean letters on his rear bumper.  You can check out a picture on the lower right, but it is easy to tell that this was an awesome site!  Everyone thought it was a great addition to his car.
Now....Back to the Harrison center for some rest, relaxation, digestion, and fun!

Nope...this is not a trick photo.  Marc Levy's bumper really does glow in the dark!


Back at the Harrison Center, the Fun Begins as we start to raffle off some great prizes

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