Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour V
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"{YAWN}.....Hey...its getting late.  Why don't we.........sneak outside and take some night photos!"
Kevin Abato, Aaron Crocco, and Lauren Reilly decided to go on a late night excursion and take photos in front of the Harrison Center's main driveway.
Although there was a photo shoot scheduled for the same place early the next morning, they wanted to get a different perspective on things.
The hotel's valet parking was not happy about the idea at first, but quickly became friendly and helpful when we showed them our cars.   ;)
After the shoot was done, it was off to bed!



Lauren Reilly's Car (Left) Aaron Crocco (Center) Kevin Abato (Right)

"Hey baby Aaron...that new car of yours is looking sweat!"


Lauren Reilly's Car (Left) Aaron Crocco (Center) Kevin Abato (Right)

Ahhh..the warm glow of lights on stainless.


Nighttime photo shoots with low light levels are hard to take.  We took tons of photos to get these few.

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