Know what the best part of the Delorean Mid-Atlantic club's fall foliage tour is?  Good weather and lots of beautiful fall foliage to view. out of two aint bad!  :)
This year marked our 6th annual Fall Foliage tour, and we decided to return to the New England states for our annual event.   While the weather could not have been better, mother nature threw us a curveball by not being cold enough, resulting in a lack of color change on the trees.  Did we care?   Heck no...DMA members have a good time no matter what!


Lenny and Marion Goldbatt pose for a photo when we arrive in Mystic Ct.

We met a dog named Tiki who knows how to travel in style!  This is not a posed shot.  Tiki REALLY rides around with one paw hanging out, and wearing shades!
  As is the club's norm for any event, we set up several meeting places for members to meet up and caravan.  Our first official stop as a group was in Mystic CT.   We all decided that after a lengthy morning of driving we could use some food in our bellies.  Old Mystic Village proved to be just the right place.  Jammed pack with little shops and restaurants, members had a variety of places to choose from for grabbing a small lunch to hold us over until that evenings dinner.
It was quickly discovered that the village contained many quaint shops and sights, but most importantly was the discovery of the candy shop which boasted chocolate covered bananas that turned out to be a huge hit with our crowd.


Marc Levy could not wait to read the Delorean Forums when he got home.  Got wireless?
Cheryl Abato and Rachel Chavez both got the dress code memo.  Blue jeans and green shirt?  Check!
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