Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour VI
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If you ever have the chance to tour some of the mansions in Newport, we highly recommend it!  The Vanderbilt mansion was a great tour and was very interesting.  Built in 1896 it cost ~8 Million dollars in its day.  Today it is considered priceless.
The tour was about an hour long and went over all the details of the house, the servants, and the family that lived there.
The preservation society that runs the tours was nice enough to not only provide us with a private tour, but let us park the Deloreans on the grounds of the mansion!



The Vanderbilt Mansion is an impressive site to see!

Part of the group waiting outside the Mansion for our private tour to begin


The tour did not allow us to use any kind of photography inside, so if you are interested in seeing the interior of the mansion, you'll have to pay the $10 fee like we did.
Outside of the mansion, we had managed to collect our own tour groups.  Other visitors were flocking around our cars and asking questions.  Some of the staff who worked at the mansion asked to take photos and had many questions for us.  We told them it was a $10 fee to ask questions and take photos...JUST LIKE THEIR TOUR.  :)  LOL

Josh Schwartz and Rachel Chavez pose for a picture

Imagine your backyard has a patio made of Italian Marble and overlooks the Atlantic ocean.... It's good to be a Vanderbilt!!!

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