Delorean Mid-Atlantic Club Member Scrapbook
Lauren Reilly - NYC

It's not unusual for the Delorean Mid-Atlantic club to have female Delorean fans, or even owners in our midst at many of our events.   One example of true love and enthusiasm for Deloreans in our club comes from Lauren Reilly.   Lauren is a long time member of the DMA, and has owned her car "Belinda" for several years.   What really makes Lauren stand out in the crowd is that she lives in midtown Manhattan NY!   With true owner dedication she keeps her car at a local parking garage and faithfully drives it around the NYC landscape on a regular basis to show off her stainless steel beauty.
Lauren has been featured in several Delorean related magazines, and appeared on the front page of the NY Times Automotive section in April of 2008 (A copy of the article is available below)



Lauren's featured article in the Sunday NY Times from April 6th, 2008

Lauren can also be seen on this video segment produced by a New York Asian broadcasting company highlighting "P.J. Grady Delorean" shop in Long Island NY where she gets many of her repairs and service done on the car

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