Kevin Abato bought his 1983 Delorean VIN# 16680 on March 14th 2001.  He is the 4th owner of the car and enjoys driving it regularly.  The pictures below taken during the first 4 months of ownership.  Several of the pictures have been digitally enhanced to remove parking lines, inspection stickers, or enhance the sky and grass.  Kevin's NJ state vanity plate reads "BCKNTYM"

CAUTION!  These images are high resolution 1024x768.  They will take 1-2 minutes to open on a 33.6 modem

This is my one favorite pics. I was out and about one day taking some pictures of my car, and who pulls up next to me to say "Hi"? John Z. Delorean himself!

My Caption:
1983 Delorean - $14,000
Sony Digital Camera - $600
Camera Tripod from Walmart - $24
Having all of these items with you when you "accidentally" meet John Delorean.....PRICELESS