I picked up vin 2850 from eBay in Maryland on July 1st, 1999. The previous owner was the most careless person I have met.  He left her outside in his yard for years.  Water got in through the damaged passenger side door and rotted all of the passenger side carpeting and seat. He locked the car and applied the handbrake as well as place it in gear.  So you can imagine my frustration when he told me he lost the keys, both sets.  The driver's handle was broken off on top of that.  And  the passenger side door was damaged shut.  We had to break a hole in the windshield (which was already broken) to climb in and trailer her home. The great news is absolutely no rust on the frame and the engine was in pristine condition.  The rest is restoration history.  She is now in perfect condition (down to every last nut and bolt)  I worked very hard on her for over 2 years and I have a better than new Delorean since I have updated so many items. Most of the car's vital parts are newer than any other concourse Delorean out there and I drive her every weekend other than snow.  I will be adding more pictures soon.