This year's spring social was a great two day event!  Despite the soggy weather report for Saturday, we all got out things together and met at "The Auto Works" in Westwood, NJ for the first part of the social.  David Teitelbaum had coordinated with the owner of the shop to let us use the property for our tech session, door adjustments, and to have a place to keep our heads dry during the bad weather throughout the day.  The shop proved to have a ton of space, and everyone was comfortable and enjoyed themselves.

The entrance bays to The Auto Works in Westwood, NJ

Outside The Auto Works was a huge parking lot where we had arranged to have our cars parked
  The day's events kicked off at 9:00am.   Members were there bright and early and began to put the shop to good use almost right away.  As always, Rob and Debbie Grady from P.J. Grady were in attendance.  Rob was fast at work doing car inspections for members while Debbie had a table of parts and supplies ready to be purchased by members.  We are always happy to have Rob and Debbie attend our events and and spend time with us.  They have a lot of technical advice to offer and are always great to talk to about anything DeLorean (and non-DeLorean) related.   THANKS AGAIN ROB AND DEBBIE!


Mark Levy and Tom Griepenburg work on the T-Panel alignment and electrical wiring on Mark's Legend turbo car

The spring social is where many members come to look at each other's cars, and talk some DeLorean talk.  One of the great things about our club events is how everyone is more then happy to pitch in, get their hands dirty, and help someone fix a problem on their car.  Sometimes it is a new adventure for everyone as we look at a member's car and try to fix issues that they may find, and usually everyone goes home much happier!
It's a great feeling to see a group of members gather around a car and admire a feature or modification that the owner did, or offer them advice on a problem.  Just another example that DeLorean Owners are good people.   ;)

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