Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2003
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Cheryl Abato was in charge of signing members up and collecting dues.


As many of you might have noticed, the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic club is pushing to offer more to their members, and really take advantage of the internet and other computer related frontiers to expand the limits of what we can offer.
We were struck with inspiration to modify the existing membership database with a whole set of new tools and to also make it available online to the club officers for ease of use and membership tracking!
Cheryl Abato did a great job collecting club dues at the event, and coordinating member information in the new and improved database!
Wait until you see what we have planned next for our members!!!

That DeLorean kid sure plays a mean pinball....

David Teitelbaum has many hobbies other then his DeLorean.  He also collects and restores pinball and arcade systems.  Dave is fortunate enough to have TWO fully restored and operational "Back to the Future 1,2,3" pinball machines!   He usually brings one of them to our events and many of us have a blast playing it.  It's a wonderful game, with lots of great sounds and graphics.  No matter who attends the social, you can bet that they will wind up playing at least one game of pinball.

This prepared club member made sure to bring their copy of "Thermo Time",  the clubs quarterly newsletter

"What does YOUR car look like underneath?"  Having access to two of the shop's lifts really helped us out and gave a few people their first glimpse of bottom of the car

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