Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2003
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Rob Grady Inspects Tiffany Olejnik's car looking for any potential problems she might want to keep her eye on.


The shop was buzzing with activity all day!

One of our newest members is Jon B..  Jon has done some very interesting restoration work on his car in his first year of ownership.  I look forward to showcasing his car in our members scrapbook section of the club's web site.  Jon has totally cleaned, painted and restored most of his interior and engine.  Way to go Jon!  Welcome to the club!  (When your done with your car...some of us would like you to clean ours for us also)
Remember...  If you are a club member and want to have a page in our scrapbook about your car, let us know!  We want to showcase all the members cars!

Jon B.'s newly refinished interior.  Jon did the work all himself and plans on replacing the seats soon.

Jon B.'s engine.  This thing is so clean and shiny, you could eat off it!

Stephen Wagner's car goes up...up...up!

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