Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2003
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Fred Dellis speaks about his experiences with DeLoreans


Just before dinner we heard from our guest speaker Fred Dellis.  Fred was the owner of Legend Industries which was the company responsible for making the turbo engine for the DeLorean.  Only a handful of cars with these engines are ever made.
As we sat and listened to Fred recollect all his experiences and stories about John DeLorean you could easily image what it must have been like to
bare witness to the automotive history that happened right before him.
Fred was an excellent speaker, and he was kind enough to answer many of our questions.  Below you will find video clips of his speech.  Sorry about the quality.... our video camera acted up on us that night so I had to capture these clips with my digital camera.

The following video files are 1-1.5mb in size.  They will take several minutes to open if you are using a dial up modem! 
Please do not redistribute these files

Fred gets to meet John DeLorean (The letter)

(The Letter cont.) and Fred's 1st trip to Ireland

Meeting the factory workers in Belfast

Hurtles Involved in making the engine

Horsepower Vs. Transmission

A day at the test track

Quality of car and future plans

Quality of car and future plans (Cont.)

Results of DMC downfall

Results of DMC downfall (Cont.)

Turbo Chargers and Automatics

Will there be another DeLorean car?

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