Spring time!  The flowers are in bloom, the grass needs to be cut in the yard, time to do some spring cleaning...WHAT A MINUTE!!....
Forget all that "chores to be done" crap....TIME TO GET THE DELOREAN OUT!  :)
That's right, it was a long winter for many of us in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Constant snow, road salt, and rain prevented many of us from taking our cars our of the garage for several months, and the desire to drive our cars was more then we could bare.
What better way to start off the spring season then to attend the 2004 Spring Social!!!

The 2004 Spring Social was hosted at PJ Grady's shop in West Sayville, NY

Rob and Debby Grady had so many cars on their lot already, that finding a place to park was tough!  But we all managed.
  The day's events kicked off at 9:00am.   Members arrived at PJ Grady's Shop in West Sayville Long Island.  The day would consist of tech sessions, door adjustments, BBQ lunch, Raffles, Dinner, and much much more.  Once again we need to thank Rob and Debbie Grady for all the time they donate to the club for events like this one.  Rob also had once of his Mechanics on hand to work on cars for a reduced rate that day!  Several members took advantage of this great offer to get some much needed items addressed on our cars.


Our activities director Dan D. put together a great day for all who attended the social.   THANKS DAN!

PJ Grady has a huge garage space that can fit about 9 cars, and two huge fenced in areas where other cars were being stored while awaiting work to be done by other customers.  Parking for those in attendance for the event was a little tight, but we all managed to find a place to park our cars and show them off.  Even though PJ Grady's shop has been in the same place for many years we still managed to attract some passers-by who wanted to take a closer look at the cars that they "have not seen in years and years".  Being the kind hearted and friendly people that Delorean owners are, we were more then happy to oblige and talk about our rides.

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