Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2004
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Pat from PJ Grady does some brake work on one of the cars in attendance that day.


Typical of our spring social events, Dave Teitelbaum was on hand to do free torsion bar adjustments for anyone who wanted them done.  Dave is always happy to help out a fellow Delorean owner with advice and technical know how.
Along with Dave's door adjustments, Rob Grady was busy as usual giving free inspections of members cars and helping to diagnose and fix small problems.

Scrub a dub dub....This Delorean is getting a bath so that it looks it best.

Thankfully, the unpredictable weather that we had been having all season long worked out in our favor.  The sky was slightly cloudy that day, and there was a little bit of a breeze.
BUT WATCH OUT!   Overcast skies and being surrounded by stainless steel makes for a great way to get a little unforeseen sunburn action (I learned this lesson well during the 2002 spring social!)
With the weather holding out nicely for us, we all made sure our cars were clean and looking their best to show off all day.

Ken Costa, Kevin Abato, Tiffany and Susan Olejnik
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