Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2004
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This year we had about 14 cars in attendance for the event.  The following is a montage of some of the sites we saw, and members who attended.

Rich Acuti works on his engine
A Delorean Hood Emblem. The clear mark of a 1983 Delorean

Number 502 is all tucked away in the back of Rob's shop
Marc Levy shows off this Legend Twin Turbo car to Aaron Crocco, Mike Deluca and David Delman.  This car is always welcome at our events and draws a lot of interest every time

Joe Molino and Dan D. look over the engine on 502
Harold McElraft and Stephen Wagner check out some engine issues on Stephen's Car.

Rob Grady had at work fixing an owners window and door
Josh Schwartz and Frank Ehrismann take it easy for a while with Einstein, the Back to the Future dog.

Tiffany Olejnik (now known to many of us as "The Tiffster") decided to check out the engine compartment of a car that was in "The Graveyard"
Hmm....sometimes of Limousines, they make this a Jacuzzi tub.  Maybe we could......NAH!
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