Delorean Mid-Atlantic club started 2005 with a BANG!  We set out to have the largest event we have ever hosted and the annual spring social was the perfect event to shoot for breaking all the records.   With months of planning and preparation, the only thing that could stand in our way was the weather.
JZD must be up there in heaven watching over us, because we had a beautiful weather the weekend of the event, and everything turned out to be just perfect.

This year's spring social was hosted at Hackettstown Motor Imports in Hackettstown, NJ.

The Sign-in table was ready to go early Saturday morning.  The club's banner bearing our new logo was predominantly displayed in front of the shop.
  This year's social was a two day event.  The weekend kicked off on Saturday at Hackettstown Motor Imports in New Jersey.
The weather was perfect that day to have a Delorean event, and the club had gone all out to prepare for the event.
Registration packets that were provided to members when they arrived detailed the weekend's events, provided directions to all our destinations, included lunch and dinner details, and also had a sneak peak look into our upcoming Summer Fun Run event for this summer.


Goodies, goodies, GOODIES!!  The table hosting our prizes for the raffles and games we would host for that day was PACKED with tons of great stuff

We took many new approaches this year to make the event the best we could.  Our activities director "Evil Dan" reached out the the Delorean venders and members of the community to ask for donated items to raffle off.  The response was nothing short of incredible!   Car parts, Delorean logo wear, books, photos, toys, etc.  Pretty much everyone went home with something that day.
We really want to thank everyone who donated items to the event.  There were so many people who contributed:  PJ Grady, John Hervey, DMC Houston, BTTF.COM, Lorrain Hinojos, Nick Pugliese, Marc Levy, Ken Koncelik, Gullwing Magazine, Larry Arnold, Scott McMullan, David Heise, and Kevin and Cheryl Abato.

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