Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2005
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Rust on a Stainless Steel car?  Yep...Mike Paine's previous owner must have cleaned the car with a steel wool.   Mike is having the car re-grained with a flap wheel to correct the problem.


As always, during our spring social we have a lot of events to occupy the members.  Door Adjustments, Tech sessions, Safety Inspections, raffles, music, and FOOD!
The shop owner's wife offered to cater the event for us, and we gladly accepted.  The food they had that day for us was amazing!   Breakfast with coffee, tea, bagels, pastries, etc...  Then a huge lunch with so many items to choose from, it was impossible to sample it all and still have room to eat dinner later that night.
Everything was so delicious, and the members who attended really seemed to enjoy the vast selection.
Our thanks again to Ray, Lisa and everyone else from Hackettstown Motor Imports for all the help you gave us that day, and for use of the shop!

Delorean body art:  That's right!  two people at the event are so in love with Deloreans, that they have tattoos!

The event proved to be a huge success for the DMA Club.  We had a grand total of 38 cars in attendance, and over 85 people!  This was definitely our largest event ever and we hope that everyone who came out to enjoy the weekend with us will continue to support the club and attend future events throughout the rest of the year.
The club has a great bunch of people to hang out and socialize with.  Several members of the Mid-State club attended the event and even complimented on the fact that it is a "Social"...and not just a tech session.  This made it fun for everyone who attended the event.  (Hey.. not everybody wants to talk about fuel pumps and torsion bars ya know...)


Kevin Abato shows off one of the shirts with the club's new logo on it.  We sold out of 48 shirts in 30 minutes!

The shop had 4 bays and a big parking lot.  All of this proved to be very helpful when we had 38 cars on site.  The surrounding businesses were kind enough to allow us to park non-Delorean vehicles on their lots.
As you can well see, we managed to create a site that all passing traffic slowed down to gaze upon.

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