Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2005
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This year we had about 14 cars in attendance for the event.  The following is a montage of some of the sites we saw, and members who attended.

"Evil Dan" and Kevin Abato make some announcements before the prizes are raffled off.
 Mike Deluca, Josh Schwartz, and Mike Paine check their raffle tickets to see if they won

 These beautiful mugs with the club logo were donated by a member for the raffle.
The crowd gathers as raffle items are given away to the lucky winners

Rick Gendreau wins the coveted "Delorean Blanket"  This was one of the hottest items at the raffle.
Tiffany O. walks away with a brand new alternator!

Larry Arnold wins some stylin' Delorean Artwork to hang on the wall!
Josh Schwartz wins a CD-Rom containing the original Delorean Commercial that was duplicated from the original master!  Talk about high quality video!

After a long and dirty day working on cars in the garage, Marc Levy wins a full tune-up kit including Plugs, wires, and distributor cap!
A VERY sunburned David Heise wins a DMC 2004 Holiday Ornament.  Were still not sure if he is smiling because he won, or cringing from severe sunburn pain.  ;)
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