Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2005
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Members of the DMA enjoy a great Meal at Larison's In Chester, NJ while listening to our guest speaker


After the photo shoot, everyone was ready to eat again.  We had selected Larison's (a.k.a "The Turkey Farm") in Chester, NJ for our dinner that evening.
Dinner was a great buffet style spread of food with several main dishes and side dishes to choose from.  The nice country style dining environment was very relaxing, and we had the largest dining room reserved for just out group.
No dinner is complete for us without a few words from a guest speaker and a few other select people!

Guest speaker John Conway gave us details on the development and sales of the Island Turbo Kit

Our Guest Speaker for the evening was John Conway.  John was heavily involved in the development of the Island twin turbo kit for the Deloreans.  It was interesting to hear John recall his business relations with all who were involved, and also to learn some more details on this rare part of the Delorean history.
Since we had a PA system, why not continue to put it to good use!?   Both Rob Grady and Ken Koncelik made some small announcements....well  they may not have been that SMALL, but they were informative!   Rob had a segment on his shop airing THAT NIGHT on a NYC Japanese channel (DMA has a copy and will post it soon).  Ken gave us the scoop on Delorean Car Show 2006 in Chicago.  We Can't wait for that!


That new DMA logo keeps showing up in the strangest places, but this one looks like it will taste yummy!
Ken Koncelik makes some announcements about Delorean Car Show 2006 in Chicago

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