Spring time!  Dust off that Delorean and get it back on the road!  The snow is melted, the trees and flowers are in bloom and its time again to show off your stainless beauty to the world.   The DMA once again planned our annual spring social event for 2006, and this year it was in Flemington NJ.   Evil Dan took the reigns this year to bring an eventful day to members who attended.  We pulled out all the stops and gave all those who attended something to enjoy and help kick off the 2006 driving season.

Evil Dan starts off the 2006 Spring Social with a little "Spring Cleaning" spirit to help our shop owner prep for the day's events

Ken Koncelik was kind enough to come out from Ohio to assist us in inspecting owner's cars
  With the 2006 Delorean Car Show no more then several weeks away, Ken Koncelik was kind enough to come all the way out from Ohio to attend the DMA event and assist us in doing technical inspections on members cars.  Ken arrived early, rolled up his sleeves, grabbed his clipboard and pen and wasted no time in jumping into the mix to lend his insight to our members.   Meanwhile Dave T. lent his usual skills to the club to do door adjustments and other safety maintenance for all who inquired.


Marc Levy and Tom G. check out Marc's newly modified engine replacement.   A 280hp Nissan Maxima Engine in his Delorean!

With great weather on the day of the event we watched as Delorean after Delorean arrived at CarTek on Rt 206 in Flemington.   The shop's owner Charlie was kind enough to let use his facilities for the day, but had NO idea what he was getting into!   As a stream of stainless steel cars began to roll in and park on his lot, he began to realize that this was going to be a day unlike any other his shop had ever had.  29 Deloreans in all graced the front of Charlie's shop, and we even had to spill over onto a grass medium adjacent to the shop's parking lot (which Charlie was nice enough to mow for us the day before).   Many passers by stopped in to admire this unusual site and ask questions.

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