Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2006
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Line em up!  All the way up on the grassy field across from the shop!  You can never have too many Deloreans


Ken Koncelik never shows up without a little something.  This time he brought the DCS Raffle car, and we all took turns driving it/buying tickets to win it!

Hmmm...A bonnet full of "Delorean Car Show" magazines.  Could this be Ken's Raffle Car?  ;)

Ken and Matt Sommers inspect a car


Apparently DMA members are setting some kind of new trend for Delorean related tattoos and body art.  Matt Sommers from CT actually has his VIN#  inked on his chest!   NOW THAT'S LOVE AND DEDICATION!
Shari Deutsch ( relation to either the good or evil Dans) preps one of the giant 6' hoagies for lunch

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