Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2006
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One of the highlights of the event this year was Marc Levy's newly modified Deloreans.  Marc spent a fair amount on time dropping a Nissan Maxima 280hp engine and a Porsche 915 manual transmission into one of his Deloreans.  The Result:  HANG ON FOR YOUR LIFE!
Marc had no problems offering up a ride to anyone who was brave enough to ride shotgun in this car, and let us tell you (from first hand experiences) this car is amazingly fast and one heck of a ride to experience.  This page is dedicated to showing some of Marc's handy work on his car.

 Changing the oil is easy on this car!  Look at where the oil filter is at.   "Hey...square peg in a round hole"  It has to go someplace.....

 Click the image above to watch the video clip of Marc taking Kevin Abato for a ride!
Bottom view of Marc's engine

Part of Marc's custom exhaust system created by Evil Dan
A clutch slave cylinder from a Volkswagen was fitted to the Porsche transmission

A snug fit for that Porsche 915 gear box
Yeah...that's a Delorean coolant bottle, but not a PRV engine!
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