Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2006
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What would a spring social be without tons of Delorean stuff to raffle off?   The DMA officers would like once again to thank P.J. Grady, DMC Houston, and all the other contributors who donated items for this year's raffle.   Once again we had an amazing pile of goodies to make your mouth water, and pretty much everyone walked away a winner.
But we can't forget the most important item for the day...FOOD!  We devoured almost three complete six foot hoagie sandwiches.   Hey...what can the DMA members say?....we like to eat.
No food for you Ken!  Get back to work!  ;)



Brent Lundgren proudly shows off a key blank donated by DMCH that he won in the raffle


Aaron Crocco showed up with a new look.  Perhaps the long winter was too cold for him.   OR...He doesn't want us to call him "Baby Aaron" anymore.

   Raffles are great except for the part where you are standing around waiting for your ticket to be pulled so you can win something cool

Ken...working on a door.  "Did we tell you to stop Ken!?  Get back to work!  You can eat later!"
{Just Kidding}

The ticket to win the highly sought after DMA Crystal Beer Mugs had to be drawn several times.  The first three winners already had won/purchased a set!  Congrats to Kurt Meyers for winning them in the end

Marc Levy gets "Screwed" in this year's raffle
Evil Dan (left) Thanks the shop owner Charlie (Middle) while Harold McElraft watches

Charlie and his dog "Babs" pose for a photo in a Delorean

Good work Ken...your almost done for the day and we will feed you.   Just finish Lauren's  inspection.

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