Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2006
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Harold Walk and Ernest Julius (PA)


After a long day filled with cars, raffles and food, we finally left the shop and went to dinner at a nice little restaurant that Evil Dan is a fan of.  The food was sensational and the owner was very happy to have us dine in his establishment.
Sadly due to scheduling conflicts, not everyone who attended the social at the shop during the day could attend this wonderful dinner with us.  The following are photos of the lucky people who's taste buds were treated to an incredible meal that evening.

Marc Levy (NJ) and Dave Delman (NY)

Cheryl and Kevin Abato (NJ)

(A very Startled) Matt Sommers (CT)

Evil Dan and Karen (NJ)

Marc Levy and Shari Deutsch (NJ)

Debbie, "KJ" and Kurt Meyers (NJ)

Bob and Julie Hajjar (MD)

Stephen and Ruth Card (PA)

Chris and Ken Koncelik (OH)
(See....we did feed him!)

Brent and Felicia Lundgren (PA)

Josh Schwartz and Frank Ehrismann (CT)

Gary Masie and Janice (NJ)

Jon B. (NJ)

Susan and David Teitelbaum (NJ)

Lauren Reilly (NY)

Marion and Lenny Goldblatt (NJ)

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