Hands down, Winter Sucks.  If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area, you know what we are talking about.   Several months of looking at your Delorean parked at your house waiting for nice weather to return so that you can cruise your stainless steel beauty down the road again and get some heads to turn and do double takes.
As always, the DMA is ready to kick spring fever into full gear with our annual Spring Social and tech session.  A chance to shed those winter blues, see some old friends, and get your Delorean ready for the 2007 season.

Looking for the DMA Social?  Just follow the directions, and look for the REALLY SHINY parking lot!

Tony Tuski's Girlfriend Rose came all the way from.....The Future?
  Each year the DMA tries to put on a bigger and better event for our members.   Truth be told, its getting hard to out-do ourselves anymore!   With over 100 people in attendance (A NEW RECORD!) and 36 cars (3 cars away from beating our record) it was difficult for the officers to find locations to host this ever growing event!   Many hours of hard work and planning paid off in the long run and the event was a huge success.
This year's social was hosted at "Alternative Auto" in Netcong NJ.   The owner of the shop Frank Koval, and his two sons Mike and Jared were ecstatic at the idea of hosting a Delorean-centric event.   Their newly refinished facilities proved to be an excellent location for our event offering a convenient location, and LOTS of parking for all the cars.


A Hood Emblem from a 1983 Delorean

We had a jump start on attendance as several members who traveled long distances came into town the night prior to the social.  Those who arrived a day early gathered on Friday night for an informal dinner to relax and prep for the next days events.
It was apparent early Saturday morning how huge this event was going to be as car after car came rolling into the parking lot of the shop at 10am.   Not only had the guests from Friday night arrived bright and early, but so had everyone else who decided to attend!
With the weather set for 76 degrees and sunny, it appears that everyone couldn't wait to come out and enjoy this spectacular spring day.

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