Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2007
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Once the Lotus club completed their tech session, the garage bay was free for Delorean inspections.   Rob Grady raced around the shop for the majority of  the day inspecting cars on the ground and on the lift
The DMA officers would like to formally apologize to those owners of cars we were not able to inspect.  Due to time limitations we took people in order of first arrival\first serve, and Rob Grady felt it would be best to inspect cars he had never seen before.

With the day in full motion it was time to bust out some food!  Catering fully provided by "Mom Abato and Cheryl Abato" proved to be a HUGE hit with a full line of hot foods and cold beverages for all.
Special thank you to Mom Abato and all her DMA helpers who assisted in making, setting up, and serving lunch!

 Here we see DMA Club President "Evil" Dan (Left) and Ken Koncelik adjusting torsion bars

Chelsie Charnet and her friend relax and take time to catch some sun.   Keep in mind, 36 Deloreans make one heck of a tanning salon.  Make sure you get lotion at the DMA registration table!
 The club was thankful again to have Rob Grady from P.J. Grady attend our event.   Rob does a great job doing safety inspections on the cars.   If you live in the Mid-Atlantic Area, P.J. Grady is the place to bring your car!
The DMA lunch line...  Tons of great food for all to enjoy!
Dave Delman takes a few minutes to relax and enjoy some grub before getting back to his "Fix my car's problem, and win a prize" contest!   The prize is still unclaimed.
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