Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2007
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The DMA would like to thank all of the following people for donating time, raffle items and helping plan the 2007 Spring Social.  Without your help, we would not be able to host such a great event!

Rob Grady - P.J. Grady
Fred Dellis - Legend Industries
Stephen Clark - BTTF.COM
Ken Koncelik - Delorean Car Show
Byron and Sophia Arnao - Libeso Media
Stephen and Ruthie Card
Tiffany O. and the Brandys Family
Scott and Carole McMullan
Karen Weintraub and Shari Deutsch
Atwell Haines - Lotus Enthusiasts Organization
Frank, Mike and Jared Koval - Alternative Auto



Byron Arnao and his daughter Sophia from Libeso Media were our "staff photographers" for the day.  This allowed people to see what Kevin Abato looks like without a camera stuck to his face!   :)


If you ever saw the movie "Grease" you know who the "Pink Ladies" are.   The DMA has the "Silver Queens".  The DMA guys put their significant others to work selling raffle tickets!   Thank you Carol, Cheryl, Shari, and Ruthie!

Kevin Abato organized the 2007 Spring Social (with a lot of help from other members and officers) is shown here raffling off a set of Stainless Delorean insert letters

"The Wings of Man"

Josh Schwartz and FiancÚ Rachael watch the raffle take place and wait for a winning number to be called from one of their tickets

Lotus or Delorean...Which is hotter?
Scott and Carol McMullan: "Yes Honey, you can keep your Delorean as long as I get shoulder rubs WHENEVER I want them."

Tom Sweeny wins some Delorean artwork in the raffle

Club President "Evil" Dan sporting his new DMA bandanna.

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