Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2007
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Frank Koval - Owner of Alternative Auto

With the raffle, elections, lunch and other items completed for the afternoon, the DMA members slowly started to gather our belongings and clean up the shop area before we departed.
Dinner was set to be at the Stone Fire Grill in Randolph, NJ, but along the way we were scheduled to stop off at Horseshoe Lake in Roxbury for a photo shoot of all the cars lined up near the lake.
We did a quick group photo since not everyone would be joining us for dinner at the Stone Fire and then headed on our way to the photo shoot.

Stephen Card redeems his winning raffle ticket for a "Back to the Future" DVD Box set donated by Stephen Clark of

Tom Griepenburg enjoys a nice cool drink while checking out the cars.  Sorry Tom, no beer.....till dinner!   ;)

   Tiffany and company line em' up!

Just before leaving the shop, we did a  group photo

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