Delorean Mid-Atlantic Spring Social 2007
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Cheryl and Kevin Abato (NJ)


At Horseshoe Lake, Byron had everyone line up for the photo shoot layout he had designed.  We always like to try to get a shot of each car with its owner(s).   This page is dedicated to all the Delorean owners who came to the photo shoot.  Sadly we don't always get everyone and have to improvise some shots (see the Abatos on the left).

Dave Delman (NY)

 Christopher Sztybel and Lindsey Gnudi (NJ)

Ed and Elisa Benguiat (NJ)

Evil Dan (NJ)

Marc Levy and Shari Deutsch (NJ)

Kurt and Debbie Meyers (NJ)

Tom Sweeny (NJ)

Stephen and Ruth Card (PA)

Tiffany Olejnik (MD) and Ryan Brandys (IL)

Brent and Felicia Lundgren (PA)

Josh Schwartz and Rachel Chavez (CT)

Hank Eskin (MA)

Ken Koncelik (OH)

Frank Ehrismann (CT)

Tom and Carol Griepenburg (NJ)

Nick Pugliese and Guest (NJ)

Robert and Lorna Bearn (PA)

Kayo and Lai Wah Ong (NY)

Scott and Carol McMullan (PA)

Tom Neiland (NY)

Lauren Reilly and her brother Tim (NY)

Chelsie Charnet and Guest (NJ)

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