In early May the Delorean Mid-Atlantic club was really picking up a ton of new members.  Our past few events had turned out to a lot of fun, and memberships were pouring in!  Several new owners from the local area had contacted the club officers with many questions and were looking for some guidance.   Kevin Abato (Myself) came up with the idea for the club to try and finally put together a "Summer Fun Run/BBQ" for all the new members to have a chance to become acquainted with the club and meet other owners.  The event turned out to be a little harder to coordinate then I originally thought, but everything turned out just great that day.

The entrance to Chub Park in Chester NJ

Cheryl Abato made sure that NOBODY but club members got into this parking lot! ;)
  The day's events kicked off at 12:00.  We had selected Chubb Park in Chester NJ as our meeting point.  The original idea for the club to have a BBQ style picnic in the park was quickly squashed by due to lack of time to properly plan the event.
During a three week search of MANY NJ state and township parks, it became very clear to me that all the good ones are booked in early January.  We had no options available to us with decent parking, BBQ areas, and other facilities.


Harold McElraft was the first member to arrive

As part of a last ditch effort to make the event work, I decided to have the event in Chester NJ.  Chubb Park was always a nice place, and Chester a nice quiet little town.  All seemed well.....
UNTIL...   As it turned out, the 4H club was setting up in the park that weekend for their annual fair the following week!  With this kind of activity, we may not have an area to gather in.
WORSE!...  It also turned out that there was going to be a car show in Chester that day on the main street!

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