Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2003
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Kevin Abato's car was still being fixed after being in a minor fender bender.  He attended with a Sunstar Model


The Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run was looking like it might be a bust.  I was getting really bummed out about the whole thing.  As a last ditch attempt to save the event, I went to the Chester Township parks and recreation committee to see if they would allow us to reserve one of the parking lots in Chubb Park.  Luckily they agreed and were happy to help us out.  WE WERE SET!
As for the car show on main street....lets just say that at 2:30 when a string of Deloreans came through town, we turned ALL the heads!
Dinner plans were also arranged...we were to eat the the "Black River Barn" on Rt. 10 in Randolph NJ.
The event was ready to roll...we just had to wish for good weather....and we got that also!

Harold's Car in front the the park's memorial

Members arrived at the park between the 12-2:00 time frame that we had set up.  We had a total of seven cars in attendance for the day, and the park turned out to be a great place to relax, look over the cars, and talk.
Oddly enough, one of our members informed us upon his arrival that he had seen a Delorean owner at the car show in Chester!  We sent someone down to ask him to our event, but he unfortunately he had other obligations at the show.  Perhaps next time he can hang out with us.

Joseph Molino just recently had his seats recovered by someone in NJ for a NICE price!  Check out his custom home built Flux Capacitor on the luggage shelf

Here is a front view of Joe's Car

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