Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2003
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As the afternoon went on, we started to get the itch to go out driving.   It was almost 2:30, and I had picked out a nice street to do a photo shoot before we went to the restaurant for dinner.  We packed up our things and got on our way. 

We could not just leave the town of Chester without a grand exit, so we went down the main street where the car show was in progress.  DID HEADS EVER TURN!  What a sight to see seven Deloreans roll right through the center of town strutting their stuff!



Keith Murphy brought this interesting "Back to the Future" video store display with him.


Some of the guys check out the custom spoiler Kayo Ong made for his louvers

The ladies decided to sit in the shade and stay comfortable (Yes...Mark Levy is one of the ladies!)

A nice shot of all the cars in the park

Never fear!  Jon Brodi is here!

Another shot of the cars lined up

Kayo again seems to have the coolest custom stuff in his car.  Check out this shift grip!

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