Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2003
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We lined the cars up one a side street in town that had nice landscaping


Not only was the landscaping nice in this area, but we had a really nice sky to look at also.

Imagine this.... You live on a nice little side street in Chester, NJ.   A quite little road that dead ends at a cul-de-sac.  Your outside doing some gardening when.... "WHOA!  What was that!?  Did I just see a caravan of Deloreans drive down my street, turn around and line up in the middle of the road in front of my house!!!?"
Well...that's what happened to several home owners on this street.  They were more then happy to come out and take a look at the cars as we did our photo shoot.  A couple of members took the time to talk to the residents and tell them a little more about Deloreans.  Thanks for letting us use your street!

A picture from the back of the pack looking forward


I don't know why, but I wound up taking several shots of the doors like this.  I think this one came out the best

 A photo from the mid point of the caravan

Sandy and Lisa Pose for a photo on another camera.  I thought this was an interest shot, so I took it.  ;)

Hmmm...nice enough to be on a magazine cover?

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