Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2003
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{Rumble Rumble Rumble}... "Hey, is that someone's exhaust?"  NO!  It was our stomachs!  We were all pretty hungry now, and ready to head off to dinner.   We packed in our photo shoot and started the second part of our drive.  We were going to dine at "The Black River Barn" in Randolph, NJ.
The drive to the restaurant was a nice leisurely one with great scenery on the way.  I managed to get a few good shots of the Deloreans on the road from Mark's convertible
When we arrived at the restaurant, they had a section reserved in the parking lot JUST for us!  We had seats on the patio overlooking the lake nearby.


Heading out of Chester looking for some food!

Driving to the restaurant  (I think the mini van had Delorean envy)

We arrive at "The Black River Barn"

The owners of "The Barn" had reserved a spot in the parking lot just for us.

Time to chow down!  We enjoyed the food immensely, and the view of the lake next to the patio was really nice and relaxing and beautiful to look at.

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