Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2003
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After dinner we sat and talked for a long time about many different subjects.  We started to throw around ideas for this years Fall Foliage tour and get a perspective from other members on what they thought would work and what would not.  We are now starting to shape up a REALLY nice plan for that event so keep an eye on the club web site for more details coming soon!
As you know, you can't keep a group of Delorean owner's from their cars for too long, so we decided to add more activities to the event and go hit "Cliff's Ice-cream" on Rt. 46 in nearby Roxbury, NJ.  Everyone was impressed with the huge selection of gourmet ice-cream flavors that were offered.


Keith and Brenda Murphy on the way to "Cliff's Ice-cream"

Kayo Ong's car was JUST about to round out its first 100,000 miles when we got to "Cliff's"!


Everyone was finally stuffed from dinner and ice cream.  We all had an awesome time and really enjoyed the days events.  I was so worried about having a huge BBQ that it never dawned on me that just doing a simple event like this would appeal to everyone just as much!
I missed not having my car for the day, but I still managed to have an awesome time and really enjoy the day.
That's it from us for now......NEXT UP:  FALL FOLIAGE TOUR IV!  SEE YA THERE!

- Kevin Abato

Aaron Crocco takes time to decide which flavor ice-cream to get to help satisfy his craving
After a long day, I pulled my Delorean back into the garage where I know it is always safe.  ;) 

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