The DMA's club Secretary Aaron Crocco stepped up to the plate to host the 2005 Summer Run Run event, and for a first time coordinating a Delorean get together, Aaron did a fantastic job!
The summer fun run is always about a simple tour and a nice BBQ type of lunch.  Aaron started plan the tour out early that year and picked a great scenic route, and a beautiful park where we enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, chips, fruit, drinks and some fun!

As with all of our events, we tend to find a LARGE open part of a parking lot and line up our cars for display

Justin Reeves kicks back an icy cold one
  We began our tour early that day by meeting at the Palisades Mall in NY.  A total of 18 cars slowly started to fill up the back of the parking lot behind the Home Depot.  As usual, we had many passer's by who stopped to look and ask questions about our cars.   When the had come for us to get on the road, we left the mall parking lot in an awesome caravan of stainless luster which definitely turned a few heads.
Aaron led the pack up some local roads and down a short driving tour heading towards our final destination:  Bear Mountain


Dave Heise from MD enjoys a drink is his custom engraved DMA crystal mug.

The Road leading up to Bear Mountain was very scenic and often times allowed some beautiful views down to the waterway nearby.  The road had some nice curves and was a pleasure to drive the Delorean on.
Upon arriving to the park at Bear Mountain, we found a large area of the parking lot that surely was meant for a large number of Deloreans to line up in.   We rolled in and popped our gull wing doors which yet again attracted a whole new crowd of people that continually said "I have never seen so many of these in one place!".

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