Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2005
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Lauren Riley keeps an eye on her burger


Aaron quickly leapt into action upon our arrival to start setting up the picnic area and get the food rolling.   Portable disposable grills because the center of everyone's attention.  Not because they were so interesting, but rather we were getting hungry and the food smelled good.   Aaron armed solely with his spatula began a frenzy pf making burgers and hot dogs while other club members relaxed and had snacks and drinks.  We got the music playing on the radio and soon everyone was into the summer groove.

Aaron Crocco (Center) flips a few burgers for the club members at the event

As the day progressed members had a good time conversing with each other and sharing stories.  Some people took time to look at other members cars and give advice on certain topics or assist in fixing small details that needed attention.
DMA members are like many other people in the Delorean community.  We are always ready to lend a hand and usually have several very knowledgeable people at every event that will pitch in at a moments notice to help out a fellow Delorean owner in need.

The DMA has some kind of incredible luck with weather.  Although the sky was dark all day, we had NO RAIN!
Karen Weintraub is smiling (most likely because her boyfriend Evil Dan is nowhere around!)

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