Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2005
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"Bring your own folding chair" turned out to be good advice!

Dave Delman (Left), Mark Schearer (center front), and Sascha Skucek enjoy some beverages during a chat

Dave Teitelbaum helps out Aaron Crocco

The day drew to a close and members said their goodbyes and started to depart on their journeys home.  A few members hung around until the later hours of the evening when the park was closing and then decided to head out and grab a late dinner together to keep the festivities going.
Aaron Crocco and DMA were proud to host the 2005 summer fun run, and we openly invite our members to present ideas for locations or host future events.  The club officers can assist members in setting up the event, or plan one simply based on a member's recommendation for a location.

Even though he should just be relaxing....Rob Grady takes time to look over some members cars

Everyone relaxing and having a good time
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