This year's Summer Fun Run was planned an hosted by DMA members Mark Schearer.  Mark approached the DMA officers in the early spring with a concept of having the Fun Run near his home in Central PA, and to also extend invitations to members of the Delorean Owners Association (DOA)  and host the event for both clubs.  The club officers agreed that it was a great idea and let Mark take the reigns.   Mark had never hosted and event before, but he and his wife put on one heck of a weekend for us!

All lined up at the rally point, our Deloreans were ready to roll for the 2006 Summer Fun Run

Watch out PA!  here comes an army of stainless steel!
  Mark also had the assistance of Sascha Skucek in planning the days events and laying out a great fun run agenda.   The day started off with a meeting point in central PA about 20 minutes from Mark's house.  Sascha and Mark arrived to find 12 Deloreans in attendance and ready to roll on our short drive through the country side!   It wasn't long before we were all in our cars and riding down the local streets on our way to Milton, PA.  as always we turned quite a few heads as our caravan passed by all the local homes and businesses.


Here's something you don't see often....Kevin Abato IN a photograph instead of taking one!

When we arrived at Mark's house, we realized that he pretty much enslaved his entire family to help him out for they with cooking, prep work, setting up, etc.  Apparently they didn't seem to mind and were in "shock and awe" as a line of  Deloreans rolled into the driveway and started to park on the property.  They could not believe they were seeing so many at one time on the Shearer property!   They were excited and rushed right up to start looking at the cars and asking all of us questions (which we were more then happy to answer for them!).
Then something strange happened....we smelled...FOOD!!!

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