Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2006
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Attendees chatted and reviewing Delorean World Magazine


Yes....Food glorious food!  Mark's wife and family cooked up such an awesome spread of food that we must have each put on several pounds that day alone with everything we consumed.   Hats off to the Shearer family...they not only know how to entertain their guests and make them comfortable, but also know how to fill their guest's stomach.
As we ate, recent copies of Delorean World Magazine were being passed around and there were many re-cap discussions of the DCS06 show in Chicago.

Shari Deutsch enjoys her time at the Summer Fun Run

After filling our bellies and shooting the breeze, we were treated to a tech session by Sascha on differences between his Pilot car, and a production Delorean.  Mark pulled his Delorean up close for the side by side comparison as Sascha carefully detailed all of the differences in his car (outside of the fact that it is painted black) to our production ones.  Many interesting differences were small body styling and layout changes to the interior.  Upon first glance to the casual observer the car would almost seem to be the same, but Sascha's detailed overview pointed out many interesting design concept that were eliminated from the final production run of the Deloreans we all know and love.

Sascha Skucek's Pilot car
Left:  Sascha shows everyone the original coolant bottle from the pilot car.  Right:  Sascha points out body panel differences

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