Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2006
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One of the cars in attendance had not been driven in a while since its owner had been very busy lately.  They also had not gotten a chance to clean it before coming to the event and it was a little dusty (to say the least).  We decided it was our obligation as Delorean owners to make sure this car looked its best, so without further adieu we busted out the hose, sponges, soap, and other cleaning supplies for a full scale cleaning and detailing session.  This car was going to get an extreme makeover DMA style!  It wasn't long before we realized the fact that if there was a hose and water present, we should have swimsuits on.  ;)



Ryan Brandys....NOT a candidate for a swimsuit photo shoot with an exotic car!


Rub a dub dub...this DMC is getting a scrub!

Tiffany O. takes her time to make sure all the water off the car for its final polishing

Marc Levy gets the wash going with the initial pre-soak

Yep...water and a you know why we decided to put on swimsuits FIRST.

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