Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2006
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Mike Heon and Denise


The Raffle begins!  Everyone checks their tickets closely

Later in the day we held one of our usual raffles.  Again we want to thank DMC Houston and P.J. Grady for donating such great items for our raffle!
As the day started to draw to an end, we continued to hang out at Mark's house (hey...we warned him we are a hard crowd to get rid of!).   Fun discussions went late into the evening until we decided it was time to go find some ice cream.  There was an  ice cream shop next to our hotel, and that seemed to make the most sense.  We thanked Mark and his wife for a great day and took off to get some dessert and call it a night.  The next day several of us were off to Macungie PA for the HUGE (we kid you not...its HUGE) annual car show.

Rob Grady, Harold McElraft, and Stephen Card check out a door alignment


Ruth Card enjoys her day at the Summer Fun Run 2006

Cheryl Abato points out the obvious.   "HEY!"

As the daylight turns into dusk.  Our Delorean are still proudly on display.

Sunday's car show at Macungie PA proved to be quite a blast.  Although we are not posting any photos from the show, it truly is something that you need to experience first hand at least once.   Special thanks to Gary Gore and Dave Teitelbaum for recommending this event to us.  There are literally THOUSANDS of cars on display with many clubs proudly displaying their member's cars.  The DMA was proud to have several of our cars on display, and they attracted quite a crowd of onlookers.
Hope to see you all at the 2006 Fall Tour in October!

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