"Summer time, summer time, sum...sum...summer time..."
OK...So it's kinda hard to "sing" on a web page, but there is just no way to express how great this year's "Summer Fun Run" was!   The east coast was hit with high heat and humidity for several weeks, only to have a huge downpour of rain the day before our event.
Once again, the DMA lucked out!  The weather cleared up perfectly to give us 78 degrees and partly cloudy.  AN AMAZING SUMMER DAY!

Early Saturday morning at Monmouth Battlefield, the DMA members begin their tour.

Our tour guide Gary Stone was very knowledgably and took a great sense of pride in teaching us all about this historic site and its relevance in the revolutionary war
  We decided to kick off this year's summer fun run with a bit of an educational spin by getting a tour of Monmouth Battlefield in Manalapan, NJ.
The tour of this historic battlefield yielded some truly interesting facts about the revolutionary war, and how this was "The battle that George Washington was determined not to fight!"
Our tour guide was very insightful on many topics about the battle that was fought on the site, and how current day research and archeology has helped to uncover many fascinating facts and relics from this now peaceful countryside.
The tour was about an hour in length and brought us to the far side of the battlefield which made us appreciate the distance covered by artillery used in the the battle.


Looking out on the battlefield from atop the hill, it is hard to imagine that this was one the scene of a furious battle with cannon fire and mortar everywhere

The group follows Gary thru the hillside where the battle was once waged

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